The VanDyson Family Office has a team of accounting, tax, investment, legal, administration advisors and blue economy subject matter experts that it uses on a project-by-project basis.

Our small team is based in Sydney. As a private company, we can be fast and flexible in terms of how we approach investments, whether active or passive. We have also partnered with other like-minded investors to support attractive opportunities.


Duncan van der Merwe

The founder and principal of the VanDyson Family Office is Duncan van der Merwe. Duncan is a business entrepreneur focused on founding and developing companies, or supporting existing companies that meet ESG or socially-responsible investing (SRI) criteria. Duncan has over 25 years’ experience developing and project financing multi-million-dollar mining, services and waste infrastructure projects in the USA, UK and Australia. Duncan began his career as a bursary holder with Gencor (Billiton). In the UK, Duncan worked in project finance and investment management for civil and waste infrastructure projects for a UK investment bank (Noble Group) and a project finance bank (Bank of Scotland). In Australia, he founded a number of companies including Tellus Holdings, VanDyson Investments and the VanDyson Marine Fund.