The VMF supports the Kelp Forest Alliance in kelp forest management and restoration

The VanDyson Marine Fund (VMF) is excited to be supporting the Kelp Forest Alliance (KFA).

The KFA brings together persons and organizations, both in Australia and around the world, working on kelp forest ecosystems and aims to enhance the conservation, restoration and sustainable use of this valuable ecosystems and their role in the “Blue Economy”.

They are doing this by taking lessons learned from decades of restoration and are creating the first guidebook to help inform restoration efforts and the sustainable use of these underwater forests. They are also creating a global community of people and organizations involved in restoration and working to advance the field together. KFA currently has participation from over 180 people from 20 countries across 8 languages and are proud to be working with scientists, policy makers, businesses, aboriginal groups, community groups, and financiers to develop new solutions and innovations for restoration and sustainability.

The KFA will be launching their website and network platform later this year.


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The VanDyson family office is based in Sydney, Australia and is focused on VanDyson Investments (established in 2006) and the philanthropic VanDyson Marine Fund (established in 2021).


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