Marine microplastic research and biodiversity studies in False Bay, RSA

A representative of the VanDyson Marine Fund (VMF) joined the Cape RADD False bay expedition where a team of marine biologists on their research yacht, sailed around False bay, deploying drop cameras and taking water samples for marine microplastic research. This site was chosen due to the unique oceanographic conditions and habitats created by the meeting of two major ocean currents, the cold Benguela current which travels down the West coast and the warm Agulhas current from the East coast of Africa. Microplastic has the potential to enter the food chain, in species such as tuna and mackerel, and can potentially cause harm to humans, too. It consists of small particles of plastic, often invisible to the naked eye and less than 5mm. Collecting extremely valuable scientific data on micro plastics will help us gain a clearer picture of the amount and its impact in our oceans.

Cape RADD is a marine field station that serves as a platform for researchers in the False Bay area of Cape Town.

For more information check out: Cape RADD


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