The VMF supports Operation Crayweed in restoring Sydney’s underwater forests

The VanDyson Marine Fund (VMF) is excited to be supporting Operation Crayweed which is a flagship project of the Sydney Institute of Marine Science (SIMS).

The aim of Operation Crayweed is to bring crayweed back to reefs where it once flourished and to re-establish this essential habitat and food source for Sydney’s coastal marine biodiversity.

The problem is that over a 70 km stretch of underwater forest disappeared over the 1980’s, mostly due to water quality issues.

The good news is water quality is improving and new conservation actions are reversing current trends. For example, scientists at operation crayweed have already developed a successful method to create crayweed forests on reefs where they were once dominant, by transplanting healthy, fertile adults from existing populations and attaching them to deforested rocks using biodegradable mesh drilled into the bottom where they survive and thrive.

For more information check out: Operation Crayweed


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